I’m not your typical
blah-blah-blah speaker.

During my years as an advertising “Execu-woman” I gave hundreds of creative presentations in board rooms, banquet rooms and huge auditoriums.

One time, I was so persuasive that a big Hollywood producer, , took out his pen and wrote a check for $100,000 right on the spot to benefit the Los Angeles Central Library.

These days, instead of “selling ideas,” I’m feeding souls, touching hearts and lifting spirits as a transformational speaker.

I’ve got a knack for talking to hundreds of people and making it feel like a one-on-one conversation.

With wit and wisdom, I share personal stories, uplifting messages and  my perfectly imperfect paintings. So, it’s more than a speech. It’s a creative experience.


Here’s what I’m talking about:

“Lessons From A Dragonfly: It’s Never Too Late to Soar”™

“Getting Unstuck From The Muck”™

“Unzipping Your Inner Joy”™

“The Journey From Oy to Joy”™

“The Bra Factor: What Lifts and Separates You and Your Brand”™

If you’d like to talk about me talking to your group, feel free to contact me.

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