Need some help getting unstuck from your muck?

Get a lift with your own Personal Flight Instruction.

For the past several years, I’ve been channeling wise and insightful messages through my writing that have helped me rise up from my own worry, fear and other assorted muck.

And now, it’s my greatest joy to share this divine wisdom (which I call “Flight Instruction”) with you.

I’m not a psychic and these messages aren’t predictions. They’re insights from a higher perspective that help you get gain clarity to fly in the direction of your dreams.

 Just email me your photo and tell me what kind of muck you’re stuck in. (Relationship. Family. Career. You name it.)

Within a week, I’ll email you back your own personal channeled message (usually a page or two long.)

Tell me your muck. And I’ll show you your magic.

To find out more, just fly me an email here.


  • Jenna  

    I love your Ojai story.
    I have personal experience with the craziness of a life with a child (one’s only) who’s got themselves stuck in a dangerous pattern of substance abuse. For 4 years my life was hell a large part of the time and oh, what joy when said child finally decided to attempt a turn-around and succeed to a degree I could have never imagined.
    I’ve been studying the science of positivity lately and learning to trust that things which don’t seem very positive are ‘the best thing that could happen to me’ (I was previously a cynic, likely to shield my soft underbelly which had been so rudely poked when I was younger) and your experience with these angels who showed up in your time of need would have never happened, were it not for the problems that preceded their hero arrival demonstrating that there ARE decent, kind and caring people in the world who will go above and beyond for someone they really aren’t tied to. Awesome.
    Heather and I recently talked about some of my goals for this year and I’ll be reaching out very soon to speak with you about my business and how to present myself in a way that feels congruent with who I am in the world. Looking forward to meeting with you.

    • Wendi Knox  

      Thank you for opening your heart here and especially sharing your experience with your child. It gives me so much hope to hear stories like that . Everyday, I receive more demonstrations of how our outside world reflects our inside world, so what you are saying about my angels really resonates with me. And….I really look forward talking about your business and how to bring the essence of who you are out into the world. It’s part of my mission of helping women rise up and soar.
      With much gratitude,

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