Here are some of the comments that
have flown in about Flight Instruction:

“Wendi’s words were so on the mark I had to go into the bathroom and cry when I read them. Her message was so accurate and personally resonant, it felt like reading something my own soul would say.”  -Alicia P.


“Wendi’s channeling from a higher place makes me feel like I’ve grown wings to fly somewhere I’ve never thought I would or could go.”   -Peggy Bakarich


“I’m so grateful for Wendi sharing her gifts so I can share mine. I was struggling with a major case of writer’s block. Receiving the Flight Instruction helped me move forward and two days later, my article was published on Huffington Post.”  -Tabby Biddle


“This has helped me see things from a different perspective and a different light. I feel such a sense of peace and calmness about my new journey.”  -Trish Lovato


“Thank you so much for your beautiful Flight Instruction. I felt it was ‘divinely downloaded’ and I wept when I read it.”  -Amelia Pawlak


“The wisdom you divinely fetched is truly a glorious gift. I am so grateful for your energy and insight. I will return to it often.”  -Michele Lindner


  • John  

    I like the new twist on turning lemons into lemonade. And I hope the reincarnated Goddessboard raises lots of cash towards healing the bay!

    • wendi  

      Thanks, Johnny dear!

  • Christiane Schull  

    Wendy, I love this! True and wonderfully said. And I love the misspelled word ‘struggles’ at the end of your post :’sturggles’ — exactly how it feels! ~

    • wendi  

      Thanks, Christiane….That typo was so not on purpose but then again, it is appropriate!

  • Regina O'Neill  

    Wendy, I love this post. I worked for years to turn myself into the type of person who can make lemons out of lemonade. I found that it is often the challenging situations (such as relaunching oneself after more than a decade of full-time motherhood) that can turn into situations that change your image of yourself and your life. I relentlessly shared this philosophy with my children and have been deeply gratified to the the result!
    I must visit Landon’s event, particularly to see one beautiful “Sea Goddess” skateboard. Congratulations to your son for creating an amazing event!

    • wendi  

      Wow, I would love it if you could actually come see it. And I could meet you in person. Big hugs and thank you for all your loving support, Regina.

  • Elya Braden  

    Gorgeous skateboard!! That’s some fancy lemonade you whipped up Wendi. You rock!

    • wendi  

      Thanxoxo, Elya. I had so much fun doing it. Everyday, we have a choice to start squeezing those lemons into something sweeter, right?

  • Amber  


    This is such a beautiful blog post. Thank you for sharing. Such a powerful lesson for us all. Often the goof’s create the BEST moments.

    My fav: ‘I took that as a firm yes and started to play’.

    You have such a wonderful sense of humor!

    Love to you.

    • wendi  

      Dear Amber,
      I woke up this morning thinking of you for some reason….and there you are with your heart-warming response.
      Trust me, humor is essential for dealing with a 16 year old boy! Your support means so much to me as I am
      one of your biggest fans. Much love back to you xoxo

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