I refuse to age gracefully.
And here’s why.

To me, the┬áterm “aging gracefully” feels like a cultural corset that tightly binds women to one socially-acceptable standard of aging.

(Hello, it’s 2015. How can there be only one right way to do anything?)

I may have been too young to burn my bra way back when, but I’m sure as hell ripping that corset off now.

So, if you’d like to hear my unencumbered truth about aging, just take two minutes (literally) and watch this video.

And if you’ve got another minute, we’d all love to hear your thoughts (in the comment section following it).

There’s a lot of mental muck out there about women and aging.

The more we open up and share our truths, the more we can rise above it.

And soar. No matter how young or old we are.


  • Bekka  

    Bravo! I find myself, at 55, turning into my mother with my monochromatic black and tan, walking with my head down looking for pennies, and complaining about the damn weather. No more. I am going to age colorfully, boldly, with fun, embracing the goddess that is all of me. Watch out world. I’m smart. I’m funny. I’m sarcastic. And I’m no longer afraid to show it.

    • Wendi Knox  

      Whoa! I love this. You just made my day. I have to admit it’s kinda scary to open up and speak my truth. There’s always this nagging voice in my head saying “Who cares what you have to say anyway?” And then, you write this. And I know why I do it. And I know we are here to lift each other up and remind each other of Who We Are. You are funny, smart and brave. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Catherine  

    Oh I LOOOOOVE this dear Wendi! Thank you for your wise words. I never knew that about “hag” and “Crone”!! YAY for that!
    “I AM” sending this to every woman in my Abundance CIrcles, past and present! They will loooove this too!

    Love you to pieces,

    • Wendi Knox  

      Oh, this means a ton to me, Catherine. My heart is dancing knowing that this message will reach your Abundance Circles. I AM grateful. With so much love, Wendi

  • Rochelle  

    I adore your mission and perspective. May we all be awed by the brightness and beauty we see in ourselves. Thanks for your brilliance. xo

    • Wendi Knox  

      Thank you, Rochelle. You have been such a gift—a wise teacher, empowering friend and soul sister helping me find the courage to speak my truth and share Who We Are from a divine perspective. I love you more than words can begin to express. From the depths, Wendi

  • Tabby Biddle  

    This video is AWESOME Wendi! I love your idea and suggestion to “age colorfully!” This is so liberating. Also, what a wonderful shift in perception to think about seeing ourselves from our own eyes, and not trying to “be seen” by others. There was so much great wisdom in here. I love the way you shared about how in the Goddess times, older women were revered. They were seen as the medicine women. The wise women. What a terrific gift to help us understand the words “hag” and “crown” in their rightful ways. I absolutely love what you are doing here Wendi helping us all to view the aging process in a different way. With love, gratitude and celebration, Tabby

    • Wendi Knox  

      Thank you, Tabby! I am so happy that this resonated with you at such a deep level. As a “younger sister” on this journey, it means a lot to me to that this speaks to younger women as well. And that together, we can re-shape how women perceive ourselves and are in turn, perceived as we soar into our next age and stage. So blessed to have you as a flying companion. With much love and appreciation, Wendi

  • Stevie Wilson  

    Every time you release a video, I watch it. It never disappoints and you always impress. Mostly it’s because you are truly yourself and sharing your thoughts.
    Like Tabby Biddle I was glad to know that crone and hag were from ‘bigger’ more powerful words . That they have been shortened and transformed into near-epithets is sad. There is power in vocabulary…. and the origins of language and words and how they are used is critical to know!


    • Wendi Knox  

      Thank you, Stevie. Your perspective means a lot to me. Yes, we all need to continue to remind each other of the truth of who we are. And not succumb to the cultural status quo. Thank you for dragonflying by with your loving, wise support.

  • ali chalabi  

    Go Wendy !

    • Wendi Knox  

      Thanks, Ali. It’s always good to have some male dragonfly support.

  • Michelle  

    I have noticed that I have started to feel invisible as I age. I loved what you said that we shouldn’t be looking to be seen by others but to “see” ourselves! This is a journey I started on a while back and know that it will bring much happiness and joy and color to my life by doing this. Thank you for the wonderful video!

    • Wendi Knox  

      Thanks for reaching out, Michelle. It’s so amazing how our outside world reflects our inside worlds. It’s a big paradigm to shift but if we do it one mirror at a time….

  • Lainey  

    A Spectacular Message!! I loved it and thank you, Lainey

    • Wendi Knox  

      Thank YOU, Lainey. It means so much to hear from you.

  • Janice Alpern  

    Wendi – Loved your video! I just returned from a Road Scholar art tour in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There were 21 in the group – 20 were women who are indeed, aging colorfully. I’d say the average age was 70. It is so inspiring to be around such amazing women – one had driven by herself from Portland, Oregon to Santa Fe and on the return, she was stopping in Utah to ride a bike trail. Then to open my email and find your uplifting video and read the encouraging comments – my cup runneth over!! I leave you with this – “Getting older is inevitable. Aging is optional” And Aging Colorfully is my new motto!

    • Wendi Knox  

      Dear Janice,
      I love that quote–thank you for sharing. It sounds like you were in the company of a colorful “fetch” (the dragonfly equivalent of a gaggle of a geese). I love hearing how vibrant and adventurous you and your friends are. I think beyond anything, having gratitude for “what is” is the real secret to staying young. And it sounds like you are a living example of that. Thank you for reaching out. Keep soaring, Wendi

  • Janyt  

    Thank you for this message! You are so inspiring. I have always had trouble measuring up to what society expects women to look like and act like. This affected my self esteem in a big way for many years. I am 64 years old now, and gave up trying several years ago. Your piece is so validating and gives permission for all of us to be ourselves…….. and to live juicy! Thank you again.

    • Wendi Knox  

      Dear Janyt,
      We all have trouble rising above the muck of cultural conditioning.I am thrilled if my own struggles have resulted in some wisdom and inspiration for others. Yes, I should add that to the list—“age juicily.” (Is that even a word.) Thank you for thanking me…it’s my joy.

  • Kim  

    First of all, I love your dragonfly jewelry. Did you make the earrings and necklace? I love dragonflies and I love your message about aging colorfully and creatively. I’m 64 and feel much younger than my age. I think that’s because I engage in activities that I enjoy, whether it’s work related or socially and laugh and dance a lot. I think it’s so important to engage in activities that we love; this keeps us feeling young as we age.

  • Pam  

    Go Wendi! You are an inspiration.

    • Wendi Knox  

      Appreciate that, Pam. Thanks for dragonflying by.

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