What I Unzipped At The Women’s March.

cropped zipper

I was so moved by the Women’s March last year that the words below just poured out of me.

Something compelled me to post them on the Pantsuit Nation’s page on Facebook.

Within two days, 10,000 women responded—not just with “Likes” but with the most touching comments (and requests to buy my painting).

After years of feeling alone on the corporate ladder, I now feel a deep sense of sisterhood. 

And know that our truths are setting us free.


I lost my voice in childhood.

I questioned my voice in motherhood.

I was told to muffle my voice in the corporate world.

So, to be part of a day when millions of women around the world rose up and unzipped their voices, brought joy to my soul.

And tears to my eyes.

We spoke our truth.

We shared our fear. Our rage. Our indignation.

We expressed our power. Our passion. Our purpose.

But we didn’t just open our mouths.

We opened our hearts.

And unzipped a force of fierce feminine love.

For ourselves. Our country. And our planet.

The kind of love that can birth a new reality.

With soaring love,
Wendi Knox







  • Helen Gerstein  

    Thank you, I never really lost my voice but the remainder of the poem is what I felt at the Sister March in Denver. Well ✅

    • Wendi Knox  

      Wow,Helen… how blessed are you that you always felt comfortable using your voice….truly an inspiration. Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much to me.

  • AJ Barnett  

    Thank you Wendi. You’ve spoken for many, many of us with your painting and your words. I want to share it on my facebook page and you indicated it was Ok in your facebook reply to my own reply on Pantsuit Nation. I was so thrilled with the enormity of our demonstration.

    • Wendi Knox  

      Dear AJ…thanks for reaching out. I feel so humbled that my artwork and words touched so many women.And the more, the merrier. Saturday was only the beginning. But a glorious beginning it was.

  • Joel Berkovitz  

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